spotting early signs of brain function decline in advanced liver disease

For use by patients with advanced liver disease, their carers and their doctors, LiverSyncTM helps detect early signs of brain function decline in those at risk of developing hepatic encephalopathy.

A white iPhone showing the LiverSync app test screen for patients

An early warning system

The LiverSyncTM app allows patients with advanced liver disease and at risk of developing HE to regularly test their brain function and detect any early signs of change.

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An iMac showing the LiverSync admin area for HCPs

Connecting patients and doctors

Once registered, doctors can monitor test results from their patients via a simple online dashboard and receive alerts, enabling tailored and timely care.

To monitor your patients:

Register to set up the online dashboard

The tests

Brain function is monitored through the regular completion of tests. Set a personalised test plan and notifications will be sent when tests are due to be taken.

Trail Making

Line Drawing

Block Design

Serial Dotting

Tap Test

Inhibitory Control

Signs of brain function decline

Hepatic encephalopathy can lead to changes such as confusion, forgetfulness and poor concentration. LiverSyncTM can help to detect these early signs of brain function decline.